Cruises April 1 and 2

This weekend saw 2 cruises in the Perth Street Car Scene.

The Cruise on Friday night was an Antilag cruise, unfortunatley the weather was appalling. All day and night Friday night the rain and wind were howling. When we arrived at Karrinyup Shopping Centre the rain was coming in to the undercover carpark SIDEWAYS :S
We were all hesitatnt on going cruising, but in the end we all ended up leaving without any hassles. I did hear that someone lost it on the freeway entrance. Other than that, the cruise was a good one and we all had an enjoyable time. Traction was a commodity that night.

Saturday Night saw us go on a cruise for Car Cruise 1 it was a good one with not the usual stopping points which made it stand out from the rest. The cruise was organised by about 4 Falcon Drivers and a Magna Driver, which shows you the variety of vehicles on the cruise.

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