Cheri’s brush with death

Cheri has done yet another stupid deed. Tonight around 5.30pm the dog comes running into my room and jumps on her back right in the middle of the simpsons. It is not normal for Cheri to come near me especially when someone else like mum is home. Anyways when she bolted like lighting into my room I noticed there was something not right with her leg. I went to have a look but she had again bolted outside. I followed her out to find her begging for me to pick her up which is even more strange.

I could see something tangled in her fur. I rushed her inside to show mum who procceded to remove what turned out to be a bee.

In a bit of a panic I grabed my car keys and rushed her up to the local vet while mum phoned ahead to let them know we were coming.

Once reaching the vet we waited in the waiting room while Cheri panted and nawed at her paw.

The Vet gave Cheri a needle and removed the sting from the inside of her leg and sent us on our way to pay for this privledge.

This is a warning to those who are thinking of getting a dog for Christmas. My suggestion would be to get a turtle.

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