Freeway Bike Hike 2006

Today I was up at 4.30am in order to prepare for the 2006 Freeway Bike Hike that supports the Astma Foundation of WA.

In order to make the day easier I opted to stay at Kylies place the night before and catch the 6am train from Joondallup to Belmont park. Luckily I was there early enough as many other competitors had the same idea catching the train as I did.

Once the train reached Belmont Park station the idea was to use the ramps to ride accross the Graham Farmer Freeway to Belmont Racecourse however the organisers forgot to unlock the gates to the station so three hundred competitors were stuck on the staton platform until the gates were unlocked.

once overcoming this small hurdle it was onto Belmont Park to line up for the ride. I got there early thinking that there would be a need to sign on however nothing was required and all that was left to do was to move to marshalling block C and wait for the beginning of the race.

At five to eight our group was moved to the start line. At eight O’clock the horn was sounded and away I went. Ten minutes into the hike I was feeling good and cruising at a average speed of 30km/h. For the remainder of the ride up until the 25km marker I was starting to feel the strain of the constant push throughout the ride.

The hills throughout the ride were not as bad as I was expecting. However saying that the uphill ride to exit the freeway on Hodgers drive was a challanging one and many dropped to a crawl as they tackled this final challenge. From that point it was a short sprint down hill then into the finish line. Was fantastic to see the big inflated tunnel that had FINISH in bold and to cross the line was a great feeling.

My overall time for the ride was 1 Hour and 5 minutes with an average speed of 26km/h. Not bad for a first attempt. Next year I will enter unter the B class as this is the bracket which I finished well within.

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