I have moved in

Well this article is a little delayed and I have missed out on writing anything new lately.

I have moved into my townhouse around three weeks ago. From the first Saturday I moved in it has been go, go, go. Not a chance to just stop and relax. I am slowly attempting to learn how to cook. Not very well yet but will eventually get there. Everything you do costs money. Every second of the day. If it is not bills its food. Not a cheap to fill a cupboard with food so my pantry is still pretty empty.

Another observation I have made is that it is near impossible to keep the house clean. I’m always cleaning and the place is still dirty. I am in need of much more storage. Got a list of things to do that is never ending. The joys of owning a home.

There are issue with the bathroom but will not go into that at this stage.

The part I hate about cleaning the most is the toilet. I hate it but there is no choice, it has to be done. I had big issues trying to get the telephone connected with the technician coming but not connecting my phone to the house only from the switch box on the street. After five days of the staff coming but not actually doing anything the phone was then connected. A job that took less than two minutes took over a week to have the guy come and actually do the job.

However two weeks later and there are still issues with the phone line. The ADSL does not work because of a large amount of noise on the line. Amnet have however come to the party and are moving my line onto their network Monday morning finally giving me High Speed Internet (Only time will tell).

I am still without a TV but I got the digital TV in my computer so I am getting by. The biggest major discomfort is the lack of a couch. I have bought one but it is still around two too four weeks away. In the mean-time I am sitting on a bean bag I have borrowed from Mum and Dads house.

Other events that have happened since I moved out. Well there have been a few. On Tuesday the 16th of May I had the chance to go for a ride in the Holden Racing Team PR2 V8 Supercar. A once in a lifetime experience. The only downside to the ride was that it was over so quickly. The driver for my ride was Mark Skaife and he was not holding back. I was amazed at the grip level the car had even when Mark dropped back a gear and pushed his right foot to the floor. The car sticks to the road as if it was on train tracks. I will put some images up once I get my Internet working at home. Todd Kelly and Neil Crompton were also present on the day and each took turns in doing the job (pleasure) of driving.

Well that is all I can manage to write at this stage. When I get the ADSL connected at home and things are working I will get back into the routine of posting up some more news articles. I will also be making some small changes to the site and add a couple of new features also.

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