Hong Kong Trip – Day 3

End of day three. Not much to report on today as we had a very late start. Did not head out until around lunchtime. I spent the morning doing research on items I wanted to buy today.

This morning I had one of the best Iced Coffees I have ever had and from McDonalds Mc Cafe of all places we headed off to the Hong Kong Computer Center in Mon Kok. Don’t bother going. After all the talk and harassment from my old man gave me about going there it was a big let down. Even when you know exactly what you want there and how much to pay every single one of the merchants there try and do you over. It is a big time waster. There is nothing there that you can’t get at the other chain stores found in all the major shopping centers.

We headed back into Hong Kong and spent the next six hours shopping at the Ocean Center shopping complex. Here I bought items which I didn’t get at the Mon Kok complex.

We got back to the apartment around 9:00pm and ordered dial-a-dinner for tea.

Well that

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