Hong Kong Trip – Day 4

Not an overly eventful day today. We headed off this morning to the Hong Kong office of one of the factories Biante use to produce their Australian brand of Diecast Model Cars. After a couple of short meetings we were taken to lunch at a restaurant close by to the Harbour Side Apartment. Tommy ordered all the meals and I am not sure what a lot of them really were. We were told that they are western foods cooked the Chinse way. This means they did not at all look like something I would normally eat. However of what we ate nothing was really that bad tasting. However it still was not food I would pick to eat myself if I had the choice in front of me.

Out the window was the cruise liner The World. After lunch we had Tommy drop us back at the Hong Kong bank where Bev had more meetings to attend.

Once the meetings were over we then headed back to the shops to spend more money. I didn’t really purchase any much off my list today however I did do a little more research. One of the best stores I visited today was the Hong Kong HMV store. They have 1000’s of DVD titles some of which I hadn’t seen at home before. Some prices were cheaper but not all. Will return there after doing more research.

We had dinner tonight at a restaurant a joined to the Marco Polo Hotel. For only $20 Australian we were served a 3 course mean including a Hot Chocolate. The food was wonderful. One of the best meals I have had since arriving.

Bev and I finished off the day in one store called pageone. The place has 1000’s of books on every topic you can name. I bought three computer books for around $100 Australian dollars compared to the $350 – $400 I would normally pay back in Perth.

That is all for today. Tomorrow afternoon we are visiting a district we have not yet been so may have more interesting news to tell then.

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