Dad turns 56

Well dad (Murray) has crossed another year of his calendar. He is now 56 and on the downward run to 60. I am sure he will kill me when mum shows him this but I don’t mind the risk, Hi Dad :).

Myself, Kylie, Brenton and his date arrived at mum and dads waiting for the guest of honnor to arrive. He was late home from work as normal. Quickly opened a few presents (must be a speed reader the way he flicked through grandmas gift) then we headed off the embers for dinner.

Meeting us there were the Dawsons. Our ex neighbours. Colins entree was six oysters but the plate would have held a million. Dinner was good. Don’t think anyone left the restraunt without a full stomach. After dinner we all headed back to mum and dads for cake. Not that we sang happy birthday but we had cake all the same. As the clock hit midnight I decided it was time to bid farewell and head for home.

Well that is my summary on Dads 56th Birthsday. Happy birthday dad. Enjoy the photos.

Full gallery is now uploaded see the more information link below.

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