Rally Australia 2006

Unless it comes back to Perth, Western Australia in the future I have seen my last World Rally Championship event live.

This year I attended both Thursday and Friday night Super Special stages at Gloster Park, Perth. I’m glad I went Thursday night because on Friday only five WRC cars remained in competition. This was a little disappointing, but thats racing. However the event was a good chance to test out my new video camera. I will try and find the Chris Atkinson clip and publish it later. Even though he was not in contention he set the fastest time of the night on the Gloster Park Circuit.

Apart from what was on the track there was not a great deal to look at off track entertainment. Once the cars had done there minute and a half drive they go back to the service park at Langley Park and are not seen.

Radio Rally club was a great exhibition. They had a good crowd around the fence every time I saw them. Have recorded small amount of video will do my best to publish this later.

Kylie came along Friday night but was bored as usual. She made up a new rule. For every photo I took of girls I got punched. I claimed they were all Robins but the rule still applied.

Hopefully this event comes back to Perth in a few years. Pictures are up in the Gallery. I will also make the video of the fireworks smaller and put up a link to this.

VIEW FIREWORKS VIDEO: http://www.lionslair.net.au/hosted_stuff/movie/Rally_australia_2006/Rally_australia_2006_fireworks_web.wmv

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