GM’s Corvette

When I went to the US earlier this year, this was the first American Muscle Car I saw at the GM Yard and was very impressed with the sports car like features of the vehicle, compared to its Aussie cousins here. I wish I was able to take one for a test drive , but I’m sure the Salesman, would have declined since I was obviously a Tourist LOL.

A couple of dislikes were: The interior looks a bit to squishy inside, it also looks like it was fashioned in a plastics Factory or for a Value consious Car maker and not for a GM Sports car. You also won’t be able to pick ya mates up from the Airport in this one, as there is not much space in it at all after you fit yourself and a passenger inside that tiny cab. The engine was still a 5.7 ltr Gen 3 (at that time) and not the 6ltr LS2 as I thought it would have.

A couple of good points: They are very low to the ground, compared to other GM vehicles and are quite compact. Being that the car is so compact, it looks like it will handle corners very well and not show too many signs of the dreaded understear that occour in many GM Vehicles, such as Commodores and Stateman’s with Factory Suspension. The new 6.2ltrs Engine and the soon to be 7ltr engines should for the size and weight (well the weight it should be) go like the clappers.

Large engines and the like are great on the 1/4 mile, but we are yet to see how this car performs on the track. Since the Monaro has now been discontinued, hopefully one day, Holden/GM will release these cars here in Australia and help replace the hole left void by the demise of the Monaro.

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