A New Year A Great Change

Ah with the end of the year near my crystal ball predicted a change ahead. However with my 25th Birthday only days away Christmas has come early. I have handed my resignation into Biante Model Cars. I won’t state why I have left because if I really talk my mind I might get sued. Everyone who thinks working in a company that makes and sells models cars a dream job should get their head checked. When puppets are in charged you have a Jamie Oliver recipe for disaster. Anyway enough of the old.

I have accepted a great position with a company who for now I will call BLANK. They develop small and large web applications and use some of the best people (Like me) to get the job done. I guess since I completed my new years resolution early I will have to come up with another.

All is well with me. Kylie appears to have moved in because she never goes home. I don’t think this is a bad thing but it can test your patience at times.

I have started working on the updated version of this site and hope to have it launched by March. That’s the plan anyway., If you have any features you would like to see let me know. I have been living off my thumbdrive for the last three weeks because this clown busted his CPU while cleaning it and needed to order one from USA. The only place that had it.

I will add another post in the next week or so but since its bee n so long I wanted to add something here. I Wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.

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