2008 is here

Well it has been more than a week but I have been busy. The new job is going well and I’m loving it. I have not looked back and only wish I had found this position earlier.

Because I know work all day it means I have moved going for my Tuesday and Thursday rides to first thing in the morning. The sun is just rising as I go over the narrows but when it gets closer to winter I expect I will be just about home again before I see sun rise. Will make it even harder to get out of bed I’m sure.

Christmas was great. Only a week off but I think since starting this new job I have been more focused on my studies I have had little time for myself.

The new website is coming along well. I have just spent the last day writing an export import script which gets all valid users links and blogs from this site an imports them into the new one. Still a lot to do on the new site but know having the ability to populate the new site with all the important data from this site makes things a lot easier.

Anyways things to do so I might write another update later.

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