I got an iPhone

Well it might be two years longer than everyone else but I finally got myself an
iPhone. Well a smart phone anyway.

I think I have managed to work everything out. It took a while too get my contact info into here. I needed to do some long winded editing of my email contacts. Then export import them again into windows address book before I could sync them with the phone.. I have lost
peoples birthdays so no ones getting anything 🙂

There are a number of things that are really cool about this like it’s ability to use your local your local wifi and not the mobile network.

I don’t know if this thing has a radio in it. Haven’t added many apps yet.

I can see why some people hate it. Being forced to add all your music, images and sound files etc though iTunes is very annoying. Everything needs to be syncs which I hate. I don’t want to sync I just want to add. Like wallpaper images I had to email to myself then save them. I don’t understand why in this 3rd version of the iPhone software did not include direct disk access like every other computerised device. Hopefully they change this later or do some serious overhaul of the iTunes software.

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