Best Weekend

Well it has been a while since I have had much to write about. But this weekend just gone has gone down as one of the best in a very long time.

Saturday morning as usual was an early start but not to go riding. No Saturday I had to get up early and get ready to meet at Johns place. Saturday was the day of the Perth Street Scene Bikini Car Wash at Audiocom in Bunbury. To be honest I was a little nervious about doing this event for I had not really done a lot of photography under this situation before. But that is the whole reason of doing something new.

The drive down seemed to pass by very quickly. I hitched a ride with John for the day. So while he was stuck with the task of driving I could spend the time recording the event to my memory card :). A number of photos of the cars travelling down with us turned out very well. One of which was Dee’s Torana. Very nice shot of her while moving down the road. Think I managed to get one good shot of each car while on the road. A image I have tried to capture before. However when the driver is also a photographer they know the way to get a good photo while moving is not step on the gas and see how far you can throw the photographer out the window. Yes I am talking about you Don. 🙂

Glad to say we captured some other good photos during the journey but they won’t be getting published.

Once arriving at Bunbury it was straight into it. The Girls were cheerful and ready to go. As the weather hotted up and the buckets were filled to the brim with soap suds it was time to do what we went down their for. For the next four hours almost non stop apart from a couple drinks and breaks inside Audiocom to cool down while changing memory cards and cleaning lens’s it was photo after photo. Pose after pose, car after car. A big thank you to all the girls who were there on the day. They were extremely patient and tolerant of us. Having multiple cameras on you all day and guys moving around you at all angles looking to capture many great moments. I know John along with myself were both exteremly impressed with them and just how comfortable I believe both the girls and our selves were working along side by side. I don’t think Josh could have organised a better group for the day.

On that note a big thank you to Josh who is Perth Street Scene for organising the day and all the work he put into it. Great job and look forward to doing it again soon. Pictures are already going up in my gallery, flickr, facebook and Perth Street Scene. Link to my gallery of images is below.


Another early Sunday start in order to go on a group ride with South Perth Roulers cycling group. A number of people there asked how Saturday went. Aparently my absense was noticed and the word of where I was had been remembered well from the website it seems. Good to know A lot of people know me in only three weeks. I am still learning names. Anyways. From South Perth we headed off down Mill Point Road to Burswood where we would cross over and head towards Cannington. Soon after crossing over to Laithlane one rider caught a puncture so the group waited for this to be fixed up. Once rolloing again we continued on our merry way. The leader of the day (Mike) at this point made mention the pay must be relaxed enough as the chatter from all the women behind could clearly be heard. For the next hour and a half we made our way through Cannington, Wilson, Shelly, Rossmoyne, Bateman, North Lake and on our way to South Fremantle things were pretty much stedy as we doubled up on the roads and then fell back to single file for the bike paths.

Once in Fremantle we stopped for coffee and some had breakfast at a cafe. Because it was such a nice day the choice was made not to return on the route we came but to head through Fremantle and along the coast before cutting back through Claremont towards the city. Our path took us up through some of the views of Dalkeith before passing by Metilda Bay. At this point some of the riders were feeling the heat and also becoming a little tired. At the front we kept trying to slow down but our legs had a mind of there own. Once reaching the Narrows bridge I split form the group and headed home. The last 8km’s were very testing as by this point I could feel the sunburn starting to warm up again and getting a little tired myself. By the time I got home I had covered 90kms. Not a bad morning efforts. I still have a little pain in my legs today but that means it was a good workout.

So that is all I have to write for now. Enjoy the pictures linked at the bottom.

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