SPR Sunday Ride 14/2/2007

Transistional ride report 14/2/2010

There really is not a lot to say about today’s ride. We left Coode Street with the main group and sat on their tail down Great Eastern Highway and for the long stretch down Orong Rd. At Crystal Brook road six of us pull right and made our way up Crystal Brooke Rd until the base of the hill where it was right onto Kelvin Rd.

This was a straight forward ride with a nice tail wind the pace was between 30 and 40 km/h. Apart from a few sets of lights this was straight forward. Right into Jandakot Rd and we kept up our roll though. This actually ran really well. Good Job All. Right onto North Lake road and this is where Mark left us. From here it was a straight forward ride through to Canning Hwy.

I think some were tiring a little here because the pace had dropped a few kms. Deb did take over the lead a few times but seems to tire quickly and so I jumped back in front. Lights at Canning Hwy and we made the turn for a short trip left into Dunkley Ave. We then followed the the normal Tuesday morning route. From here was a quick left and right into Kintail and down to the Raffles. Instead of going on the road I made the call to stick to the bike path and take it all the way down to South Perth. The pace was a steady 30km/h and I was hoping someone would give me a break and take the lead. It wasn’t until we reached the narrows I realised we had dropped Michelle and Deb. However some random cyclist thanked me for doing all the hard work for them down the fwy. No worries. Realising only two of us were left we just cruised back to Coode St.

Was very un-event full ride but an average speed of 27.7 km/h so I am happy with that considering we had no real break. By the time I got home I have covered 91kms so was glad to be home before it got really hot. Just before Bayswater Train station I saw Mark pass me so they must have finished with Kalmunda and were heading home.

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