Sunday Transitional Ride

Another large turn out for the Sunday morning rides today. I would guess close to 70 people over all three groups. As has become common over the past few weeks everyone as a group travelled the first 18km as one group. Apart from one of the advanced group rubbing my wheel and going down while we took off from a set of lights there was no real dramas on the transition from South Perth to the base of the hills. One carload of hoons did mouth of the group of us catching up after the hold-up from the down rider. However the car was stopped at a red light and one of the advance group members served her opinion right back to them.

Crystal Brook road is where the Transitional riders pulled right and parted ways with the intermediate and advanced group. Jamie Was keen today and kept going on with the others. Like to hear how you went Jamie. Now our group had shrunk to about nine the workload picked up for the trip up Crystal Brook Road. Once we Turned right onto Kelvin Road Steve and I quickly picked up the pace towards 40km/h before being told to slow down as we had dropped a few. Tailwind people make use of it was my thought. Anyways after everyone was back on Steve and I controlled the pace at around 32/35 km/h all the way down Kelvin Road crossing Albany Hwy onto Olga Rd veering left at the roundabout onto Burslem Dr. Once we crossed Fremantle Rd and were onto Warton Rd I decided to pull left and let a few others the chance of leading for a bit. Sorry Steve I should have probably mentioned it but I wasn

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