Transitional Ride Report

Peter sent the Transitional group off five minutes ahead of the advanced group today. Scott and Dr Ronny lead the group out of Coode Street and down Great Eastern Hwy. The group got split at the lights in Ascot. However we backed of and the Int riders quickly caught back on.

Right off Great Eastern Hwy and onto West Pde. Scott and Dr Ronny pulled off and Stephen and I took over the lead for the next few kms. Peter came up front to remind himself where it was we were going. Was fine with me if he fell of because of sand and crap from Mondays storm we knew too slow down on the round abouts 🙂

Pace was still sitting on a comfortable 29 ~ 30km/h. After crossing the bridge over Roe Hwy we turned right into Midland Rd as the intermediate group kept on going straight. This was the roughest road we been down and if you were carrying a supa shake it would have been well shaken by the end of it. The call came constantly on this stretch to slow down so we did. However when the pace has been dropped back to 22km/h or less and then we got another call to slow up again seriously it was a bit of a joke.

Left turn onto Kalamunda Rd and the short 800m or so until the climb began. This is a climb I had been looking forward to for a while now. Since I lived in Kalamunda for 23 years and never actually ridden up this road I have travelled a million times I kinda knew what to expect. We had two new young riders with us today that will give young Jamie a run for his money. Jared and Jordan I think their names were. Sorry Don

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