SPR Ride Saturday 24/7/2010

Well right from the start this morning I was not feeling all that strong and it did not change. Had an easy ride to Coode Street thanks to a tailwind sitting comfortably over 33kph. However I knew this would only come back to bite me. After the group left Coode street was a comfortable ride down Mill Point Road and over the causeway. Was third row in the pack and on Mounts Bay Road I knew my turn was close.

Sure enough turning off Mounts Bay Road Darryl and I were on the front and straight away it was hurting. We did a decent job at holding the pace and for a short period lifted it to 38kph. I was thinking this is going to be worse than a Thursday morning lap. Once we got to the small hill on The Avenue heart rate was at 174bpm and I suffered. The pack quickly went past me on the rise. Heart Rate normally does not get this high on the flats.

Our progress through Dalkeith was fast and the pace was kept high. Still was not feeling any strength and Mosman Park hill was only minutes away. Short rest while rolling down to Mosman Hill. Managed an ok climb up the hill and was not the last to the water tower. Back at the front again somehow by the time we got to Fremantle but the hill onto Preston Point Road is where I said good bye to most of the group for a few kms as I hit the wall and was struggling. Russell did a great job to round up the riders that fell off the back of the pack and got a roll through happening to get ourselves back to the rest of the group.

Once on Canning Hwy the group was back together but I still had some trouble crossing the top of the hill to South Perth. Shaw did a good job of cracking the whip on me. Turning onto Riverside Drive I wanted no part of the sprint I had nothing to sprint with so waved the others through as well as a couple of cars I planned on get a slip stream from. Was a fail the driver surged braked surged braked. Not the way I thought Riverside drive would be.

Was a poor effort from me today and not sure why. Hope this does not repeat for tomorrows ride out to Mundaring.

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