SPR Tuesday Ride 3/8/2010

Just a quick report on this morning ride. Legs were still a little stiff after Sundays ride but it didn’t feel as cold as expected. Rolling out from under the narrows I waiting for most the group to go past so I could sit near the back of the pack. I didn’t want to get stuck on the front this morning. Handled the run through Dalkeith better this week not needing a push.

Mosman Park hill was ok maybe just off my best run off there. However the thought of doing that four times on Sunday makes me feel sick. Kept closing the gap over the Stirling Hwy bridge. Group seemed to surge a bit. Peter gave me his wheel and dragged me back to the group a few times along Burke Drive. We were doing over 40 kph along here but I didn’t give in I told the voice in my head push Push Push. This time I didn’t back down.

Six of us got split by the lights on Canning Hwy so another push to get onto the back of the pack again. The ride down Melville Beach Road was a fast one again which made me suffer a little on the small rise on Fraser Ave.

Arrived at Raffles with four others who did one last push on approach so not too disappointed with this mornings efforts. Details about the new bike are coming along and will probably happen sooner rather than later now so looking forward to it. More details soon.

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