Injury update

Its been a couple days since my bike crash now. Went back and visited the doctor this morning and they took of the bandages and checked the elbow. They decided to keep the stitches in because they are holding at the moment however they want to redress it every couple of days. This is looking to be expensive.

However I do want it to mend ASAP so I can get riding again. So new bike it is and I am sorting out my finances so I can make this happen. So when I am back on the bike hopefully it will be my new bike.

Hip is still sore if I bump it or have a belt on and a really nice black bruise has formed under the large patch I have over it. Because of the little damage to the bike itself I can only assume it is my hip and elbow that took the brunt of the impact and then I used the rest on my body to bring things to a stop.

Maybe cyclists should wear air bags 🙂

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