Help me select my new bike

Peter Mah has done a great job at getting together a list of bikes for me to upgrade to. However being the dummy I am it is hard to make a choice at to which one to go for.

So what I am asking for here is feed back as to what to get. My choice is the Cinelli 2010 Estrada

Here is the list of frames below along with what I can find on their weight

Time Speeder S1200gwebsite
Cinelli 2010 Willin SL1120g/390gwebsite
Cinelli 2010 Estrada890g/390gwebsite
Derosa Avant 20081040gwebsite
Colnago CLX 2.0 20101050gwebsite
Look 566 20101000gwebsite
BMC Race Master SLX01 11152.1gwebsite

My current feeling is Cinelli 2010 Estrada based on weight. So is this the right one because I don’t want to be back doing this again in the next few months. Leave a comment and vote on the poll.

What bicycle frame should I get?

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