Three weeks on

So it has been almost three weeks no since my crash. I would like to say the time has gone fast but it hasn’t. It has been slow and drawn out. I have mostly healed an recovered from the crash itself. My hip is now 100% even though i still have the patch on it. I think I’ll remove it in the morning. Had no pain for a while and bruising has cleared up.

No riding though has been driving me insane. My elbow has not healed over yet. It’s not painful apart from if I bump it. Really wanted to get on the mountain bike this week just to ride.

Plan on going to the coffee shop tomorrow to see everyone. Have got all together in order to lodge the claim to fix the bike. First insurance claim of any type I ever made. New bike is almost ready to be ordered. Waiting on a written confirmation of frame size i require but appears I am not going to get one so will have to go with what I was verbally told.

Peter is off to brazil tomorrow and he had been the one compiling the list of parts for me. I’m so excited to get the new bike but right now all I want is to get back on the road. My fitness will have been hit for six I am sure. It’s going to be hard work when I do but i cant wait to get back on the bike and get out on the early morning rides with the group again.

Off the bike things have been looking up of late. Just a little. Not getting into details but life is good at the moment.

Bennos party next weekend so that is a big event to look forward to all week.

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