I am bored

Not much to write about at the moment. Have not been on the bike again yet. This Saturday will be four weeks since I crashed. Bike is still busted but progress is slowly moving on sorting that out. The new bike I am ready to order just waiting to gear if the frame is available.

Last weekend was boring as bat shit. Didn’t do anything all weekend. Went to the nurse after work Friday then went around the parents for a free feed.

Saturday morning I got up and went to the bell tower to see my SPR buddies. Was good to see everyone. Some I see four mornings a week and riding has been apart of my routine and it’s driving me bonkers not riding.

I have not had any pain from my elbow all week and don’t have to return to the nurse until next Tuesday so I am thinking I may pull out the mountain bike for a ride Saturday morning. A month off the bike is stupid.

Bennos birthday party Saturday night and going off last year it will be a big one. Looking forward to it.

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