I knew it would be hard but didn’t think it would be this hard

So to explain the title. Not a great deal to write here other than to say that Saturday I made my return to my SPR buddies. I had planned on taking it easy and doing the transitional ride but Dave Shalier told me I’m better than that so I went main 2.

Was good rocking up at the car park and seeing familiar faces plus some new ones. Lots seemed happy to see me back. However lots of these people also appear to have stepped up from Main 2 to main 1. This means I have some bunnies to hunt down over the next couple months.

Left the car park with Main 2. Cruising along over 30kms. Kat was alongside me on Great Eastern Hwy. When we got to Ascot was our turn on the front. Kat opened it up a bit to over 35kph and I was starting to get to my limit. After we got over Garret Road bridge and the road rose a little my speed dropped a little and I started to get over taken. Soon found myself at the back with Russ & John lending me a wheel to suck and shadowing me when I got in front of them. On the way past the TV stations the group started to string out. Few were left behind but I was still feeling good. Hunting down John and Loraine.

A few sets of lights caused a large split in the group. Russ was quick to group everyone up and have us work together. We were soon up to 40kph and the house I crashed in front of was coming up. seven weeks ago almost to the minute. We rolled past and this time I stayed upright. I made an out loud comment that is the place. I’ve got further than last time. Fitting my first ride back was the same as my last ride when I crashed. Anyway we rolled past the rest of the group who stopped for a regroup. Russ made a comment I was doing well. Wish he hadn’t because it didn’t last much longer.

The ride through North Perth was ok but once we reached Winthrop Ave I faded and the rubber band broke. The group opened up and were off. I took the chance to down a power bar on the long flat road. At Sir Charles Gardener Hospital the group was gone and I was on my own. I was now feeling it. A slow ride back to the bell tower on my own. At the bell tower there were a few SPR buddies still around.

After slightly recovering I headed for home. This last 10kms were probably the toughest I was totally drained. I stopped at east Perth for another power bar and even that made no difference. I just had to push on at what. Ever pace I could manage.

But I got home and felt buggered. Garmin says I burnt almost 5000 Cal. If this is right then no wonder I was so buggered. I ruled myself out of doing the Sunday hills ride but I still plan a lap of the river this afternoon.

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