Not a lot to tell

Thought it is about time I write something on here because it has been a couple of weeks. However there is not a lot to tell. Back on the bike for three weeks now. I think it has been three. Fitness is starting to come back but this last Tuesday and this mornings Thursday ride I suffered.

Still using Jordans spare bike. I am only waiting on one more order to arrive and then I can get the new bike asselbed. Can’t wait for that to happen. Hasn’t been a cheap exercise but I am sure once I get to ride it will be all worth it.

Since being back on the bike though the social life has take a great big whack. Haven’t been boozing it up like I was. Makes the weekends after my rides a little boring. However last weekend was taken up with Bathurst.

Folks are still away in Europe. Next week is dads 60th birthday but no need to worry about it as he is not here. About all I can think to write for the time being.

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