Finally on the road

Well it has been talked about. It has been changed a lot and it has also been delayed a little too. But today was the first day I finally got the new bike on the road. Right from the point of clipping in and heading up the road I could tell the difference. Weight for one. 7.46kgs. around 2.5 kgs less than the Oppy C5.

However when I rolled to the end of the street I realised the warning I was given about the rear brake. It is near on useless but already making plans to resolve that.

South Perth wanted to press my buttons. Less than 1km from Coode St carpark the water was shooting across both cycle and waling path. I was not about to get the bike covered in water in just the first few kms. However unlike the Oppy C5 I had made it 11kms without a flat. Without the bars collapsing and without the the seat collapsing on me. My position on the bike does not feel stretched. But I will give it a couple of weeks and see what others observe.

Arriving into the carpark everyone saw me roll into the car park and I saw someone say “His got it” Honestly, it is a little hard to miss. No one else in the club has this bike and it is all new and shiny.

Without mentioning names a couple monkeys made comments about falling off. I warned them if they repeated it I would implant my shoe into their anus and the only item I would be purchasing this afternoon would be a new pair of riding shoes.

The ride was good. I found the new bike was easier up the inclines. Faster on the flats. Maybe because of the less weight maybe the new and better running gear. I also performed well today. about 12 of us broke away from the group and had our own smash fest. Sitting in the very high 30s and also a fair bit of the time in the low to mid 40 kph. Into the wind. However I don’t think I managed to get into my 11T gear. So have not opened up the taps fully yet.

Once arriving at the coffee shops there was a lot of drooling going on. I however was having discussions about my rear break issue and what to do about it. The shop how assembled it claim they did all they can do. Others were very confident this was not the case. So I am going to get this seen to else where and if it turns out that more could be done then I will go back and ask why they could not do the same. We will see what happens.

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