28 years old and none the wiser

Well Wednesday I had my 28th birthday and they say you get wiser with age.  I think all you do is feel more pain. December has been a good month so far. I forget all that has been going on. Work Xmas party, Guns & Roses Concert. My birthday celebrations.  A new girl in the picture for part of it.

I have had the past week off work. Today is day five and it has gone by so dam quickly. I have hardly noticed. Just feels like a long weekend.  Wednesday I had plans to fill the whole day but on the day all fell through except for the night shift. Jo and Fi wouldn’t cancel on me.

We went out to Northbridge and visited a few pubs. I had a great night. Got a few photos to prove it. I got a point and shoot camera for my birthday so I will finally be able to get some photos of my antics.  Preview is below but a select few I have posted into my gallery.


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