Out of form

Just a quick post. I had my latest cycling race last weekend and there is very little to report.
I woke up not feeling race ready and that did not change before the race.

I rode to the venue at a leisurely pace as to not waste energy. Did a few laps of the course noticing it was slippery and dirty. Most likely from the small storm cell the day before.

Spent the half hour before the race munching on a power bar and keeping the legs warm on the surrounding roads before heading to the start line. Similar routine to last time. Unfortunately my form had not yet woken up and I lasted the first few laps within the pack. The first couple I was falling off the back until a fellow SPR member yelled out for me to get back on which encouraged me. I got back within the mid pack. At this point the pack was keeping together. I was not impressed at how close riders were getting. I was warning fellow racers where I was so that on the corners we did not tangle. By doing this they all took the move to cut me off and squeeze me. They rather take each other out.

After about 10 minutes I was really hurting and I was at the point I wanted to give up but I thought no this will improve. I will get through this period. Seconds later on the descent to the hard left I realised I was not going to make the turn. Instead of risking a crash I lined up and decided to go off the road in order to keep upright. I manage to not fall off and get back on the road on the road. Little frazzled and worried I may have damaged the front wheel and seeing the pack was over 200m in front I actually gave up. First time on the bike I have given up. I crawled back to the start line and dismounted.

Disappointed at my efforts but there is always next time. Zoom in you can see I ran off the road. No hiding it

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