Great Saturday Ride

Having not gone out and the internet being offline for all of Friday meant I had an early night. The fact the internet was down and not wanting to blow my data cap meant no distractions from my phone so I slept well and had no problems waking up at 4am for another ride. Think I got maybe 7 hours sleep. This may be part of the reason why this morning went well.

I headed out for my ride to do the SPR early Bird ride. Which is the normal Tuesday lap of the river. Good turnout. I think we had around 12 – 15 people this morning.

Friday morning I was trying to keep my heart rate down today it did so all by itself. I made an attempt for KOM on Preston Point Road. However unlike every other time no one came with me so I was left to look like a dick and got shit for doing so.  Normally I am the one at the back struggling.  Can’t win.

Finished the early bird ride then it was the short transition to Coode St for the SPR Saturday Main 1 ride. We picked up Geoffrey on the way and I told him to stop jumping on with us and making it look like he just rode with the cool group.

Quick bottle refill and Main 1 was rolling. Into a bugger of a wind on Great Eastern Hwy and I was not looking forward to my turn on the front. I think I stayed on the front a little shorter than normal today but was a big enough group to share the workload.

I was looking forward to Benara Rd and the tail wind. However having already covered 80kms already I needed a power gel to take effect to continue being awesome. Not my best effort don here today but still fun. Pulled off from the group and came home slightly early today to make some calls and fix my internet but got home and its been fixed. Internet gods like me today. So onto other things.

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