SPR Easter Camp 2011 Day 3

Sunday morning. Normally the Sunday hills ride but today we were down south and in Marget River. There had been a bit of rain over night and the clouds were still passing overhead but it looked like it was going to be ok. Were quiet a few sleepy looking people this morning but the dedicated were well and truly getting themselves ready to head back out on the road. This included Ronny who each day packed his bike into his car and drive the 12-15kms back to The Shed to join us.

I think it was a little after 7am and the group of riders out on the driveway were met by a couple of South West Cycle Club boys who would help guide us today. The follow car took position behind us in the driveway and it was time to roll out.

Roads were wet after the rain night before. I was cautious on all the descents in the wet. I didn’t want to risk having a wheel slip out from under me and end up on the road. Shortly after the first 10kms the rain fell again and gave us our first soaking of the morning. This was just in time before our first real descent of the morning down Redgate Road. Got the chance to take a look out at the surf to the right. At the car park at the bottom seemed to be a number of rangers who looked like they were busy but made us aware of glass in the car park. Our job was to now climb out of the car park and back up to Caves Road. I had a few people ahead of me on this climb and suffered a little bit but managed to make it to the top. Don’t know who arrived first for this one.

Once back onto Caves Road I tried to eat a power bar and keep up with the pace. Eating and breathing is not an easy job. I ate about half and gave up. I was not hungry just felt I needed it. After turning off Caves road we went left onto a very long straight stretch of road which appears to be un-named. However we got to pick the pace up to around 40kph down this stretch. I think this road was one of my most favourites all weekend. Seemed to go for ever.

After this stretch of road was a transition single file up Brussels Hwy before turning right into Davis Rd. The next 20kms or so were rolling hills on some good roads and some rough roads. I remember some rough uphill segments here. Next was a transition down Rose Brook Rd. This was sort of a major road and we had a few cars pass us here but none gave us any trouble. Again the next 20km had some mixed road conditions but I think we had ridden out of the rain now and were on the way to coffee. This brought us up to the 80km mark and I think all were glad to take the break for coffee.

We seemed to take over the coffee shop and chase out all the people who were already there. After coffee break was back on the bike for the 20km trip home to camp. This was a leisurely ride but with a few stretching their legs on Ellenbrook Rd. We again arrived back at camp just before 12pm. Good hard ride with a higher average speed this day.

On arriving back at camp though it felt like a mass exit had occurred. A large number of people had packed up and left and was a little bit of a shock as the number of people had at least halved. Ah well. Only the cool people remained.

That afternoon Paul, Jamie and myself took a drive to get out of camp for a while. We went and visited some caves and went for a walk down into them. I got some photos which I will put up later. After this we visited the Margaret River Chocolate Factory. This place was making bank cash this afternoon. Place was totally packed and parking was a little bit of a challenge.

That night I headed into Dunsborough for a bit of a drive and had dinner at the local pub which was packed. Arriving back at The Shed those who remained were sitting around the table talking killing time.

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