Retarded Perth driver

Near death experience number 83 this morning. On my way home from Kalamunda down Kalamunda road I was doing around 72kph. Two kilometers above the speed limit and a female driver still made a move to over take me.

She did this on a section that is a solid white line by the way and I was doing above the 70kph speed limit just so hardly slowing her down.

Yet she makes a passing move around me crossing the solid white line and gets in front. The car that was in front of me gets on the brakes and indicates they are going to turn right. The car which just over took me is doing 80+ kph from going past me now slams on her brakes and cuts right in front of me leaving me no where to go.

I jumped on my anchors and the rear tyre locked for just a split second. At the same time my front wheel was on the brink of locking up also. With the back wheel locked and stepping out I knew right then that tyre was going to be damaged I felt it locked and drift acoss the road as the rear of the bike started to want to over take the front.

Knowing this current situation was not good my reation was get off both brakes and get control. By this time the car that had over taken me got through the gap in the road I should have been going through.

Now having control of the bike again I wiped off some more speed and yelled some words at the woman who was in such a hurry to get no where. I could have got her at the lights of Hale Road and Kalamunda Road but decided was better to pull into the bus stop and check the rear tyre. Spun the wheel and saw the shreded surface right away. Brushed of a few shreds and decided it was safe to get home on long as I stayed clear of any glass.

Tyre had been on and without a flat since December last year so this afternoon I retired it replacing it with a new one. After today it had served its purpose.


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