Wednesday Torture

I hate early mornings. When the alarm goes off at 0330 all I want to do is go back to sleep. However there is only so many days in a row I can lie to myself and tell myself it is ok to sleep in. Today was not one of them.

After stuffing around taking my time I finally managed to get out the door around 0423. I like summer. By the time I reach work I no longer need to leave the car running and the high beam on to see. It’s not quit sunrise but you can see what you are doing. Got the bike sorted and finished getting myself organised and out the door at work. The man at the lunch bar down stairs was only just arriving.

Was not that windy this morning but I did not want to be here. It is the feeling I get after almost a week off the bike. Only completed half my normal warmup and arrived at the start.

On the first lap of the course I was already suffering. This is what Peter calls the easy lap. By the descent down to Mounts Bay Road I was fighting just to keep my eyes open. My body wanted to go back to sleep. A sign I am not working hard enough.

Lap two and everyone took off up Spring St and Malcolm St. I was hanging onto a group of five. However turning into Kings Park Matthew was on the side of the road so I stopped to check he was ok and waved good bye to the group. The next lap was all on my own. After entering Kings park on lap three I saw Lennie up ahead and so worked to catch her up and say hi. Jonny was with her also. After a short chat I set off to finish my lap.

My plan was to be lazy and take the bike path along the river back to work. However my legs needed more so it was one more climb up Spring and Malcom St back to work.

I hate this course but that is because I find it hard. Which means I need to do it more often. There is a lot of pain ahead of me.

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