Challenge Accepted

Been a while since I have made a post so here is a new one. Strava always suggest different sorts of cycling challenges that you can par take in. They are free and normally just create an excuse for you to commit to your cycling.

This week I have agreed to take a crack at the 15 hour challenge. simply all you need to do is log 15 hours on the bike between 25/2/2013 and 3/3/2013. I agreed to this one because all I need to do is get up every day for the next week and go for a ride. It is not dependant on any type of distance it just requires you accumulate the time.

Lately getting out of bed has been my issue so this seems like the perfect challenge. I can ride as slow as I want but I have to ride. So today I managed to get my ass out of bed and did a couple laps of the Kings Park UCI circuit.

I did take video but nothing interesting happened so I just deleted it. Here is the ride below.

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