Day 2 – 15 hour challenge

Today was day two of the 15 hour challenge. The fact I rode yesterday and also did my #crossfit session last night did not help my willingness to get up this morning. However a little gremlin called guilt which has been missing for some number of months returned today. I want not able to just put my head back on the pillow and close my eyes.

It is only day 2 I can not bail out that quick. However after my very poor performance this morning I mind as well have. I only lasted for the first ten or less minutes this morning. The pace was around the 40kph mark every time I looked at the speed and we were not even on Burke drive. However I knew that I was going to get dropped like a sack of potatos soon as we hit Steves Hill. Guess what I was right. I got up the hill and made the left turn and then waved good bye to the group.

I had one other rider who I worked with through Dalkeith. We caught the group at Christchurch. Only because they were red for an eternity. Soon as we turned left onto Stirling Highway I waved goodbye and that was the last i saw them. The rest of the ride was a matter of just pushing on and suffering. I devoured my two water bottles during the ride and had to refill before heading home.

Tomorrow will be another lonely ride on the Kings Park UCI circuit again.

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