Day 3 – 15 Hour Challenge

Another blog entry so that means I go up at 0410 for a third day in a row to ride my bike. It is starting to come back to me why people think I am mad. The good news is today wasn’t so hard. I think it is still too soon to call it routine.

Rhian is still not coming to the party and I think each morning I get up early she is getting grumpier. Maybe if I do it enough she will get a bike and come with 😛

Anyway before I even left this morning I could hear the wind outside. I was thinking bed but that guilt thing was telling me. Your already up HTFU. So I got my act together got dressed and hit the road.

Windy ride into the city today. I was not even going to bother starting with the group as I knew I would get dropped right away. However I arrived at around 0528 so just enough time to turn the goPro on. Just as well I did because within the first 200m I got cut off by a woman in a red car. Still downloading the video so haven’t seen the footage yet.

I only did two laps as planned because I have crossfit again tonight. Was a lonely ride and the wind made it no fun at all.

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