We now have a pet

I knew this was coming. Rhian has been trolling Gumtree and other amature looking websites non-stop for at least the last two weeks. Kittens, Puppies and over the last week rabbits.

Well as Rhian does she went out yesterday and found herself one and brought it home. Rhian was getting ready for work yesterday afternoon while I was watching the lead up to the start of the Lemans 24 hour race she comes to the couch and drops a towel on me and says “Look what I have”.

A baby rabbit.Apparently it is not dinner. I don’t like eating the Easter Bunny. Apart from being sticky taped in a box over night it has spent its time running around the floor lating pallets and pissing. Still does not have a name. Post suggestions in the comments. It is a girl rabbit.

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