Paris to Bordeaux


Not a lot to tell about yesterday. We spent most of it on the bus travelling between Paris and Bordeaux.

We got up at 6 am and got our bags packed and organised for what we wanted to carry with us on the bus. We spent the first two hours of the bus ride writing yesterdays blog posts.

After our lunch stop for a toilet break and service station food we got back onto the bus. However half of this jorney to Bordeaux was spent with every person getting up at the front of the bus introducing themselves. The points to talk about were

– Your Name
– Where you are from
– What traffic light you are (GREEN available, ORANGE not looking or RED with someone)
– What you do for work
– Obsessions (what you do in your spare time, hobbies)
– And who you would like to mudwrestle with (a celeb you would like to date if you had the chance)

This was fun and allowed us to find out a little about everyone on the bus. Turns out a lot of us are from Perth so it has unofficially been named the Perth tour.

On our way we stopped at the 16th Century Chateau Chambord. It is a HUGE castle that was a hunting lodge for King Loius XVI. It is absoultly stunning place. You could imagine being back in the 16th century. Some of the history of the Chateau is it was origionally for the Louis XVI then a married mistress (not sure which one and for which king) lived in it and was abandond for many years during the World War.

After arriving in Bordeaux and checking into the hotel we had 10 minutes to meet downstairs and head to dinner. Dinner was at a nice restraunt in the city. Tyler and I finally got to have our first two pints of descent beer.

Dinner was really nice. What we had for our entree was, goat cheese salad, for main was duck Confe and sliced fried poatoes and desserts was 2 protifita rolls with chocolate sauce. The food was really good except the dessert, the chocolate tasted a bit burnt. Rhian had a wine (don’t know the name, all the menu was all in french so Rhian asked the waiter for the recommendation) all the girls on the table, Jessica and Kim had a sip and liked it too.

After dinner we headed out to a pub with a large group from our tour. The pub was great and had entertainment. A couple of dancers and a barman pulling tricks mixing drinks. Rhian and I only stayed for a couple of drinks. I decided I wanted to go after just a couple of drinks. I knew if I stayed longer it would turn out to be a messy night and not the best way to be when the following day is a bus day.

We caught the light rail back to the hotel with two other couples and went to bed.

Au Revoir



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