Barcelona Free Day – Day 7


Today we had a full day in Barcelona with no organised activitives. The bus driver Kris and our tour guide Kristi both had the day off so we were to fend for ourselves. Breakfast was included but lunch and dinner was not.

We got up at 7am and got organised ourselves for breakfast and headed downstairs. We were a little shocked that it was full of old people (50-80yr olds) from another tour. We stood out like kids in the room. It turned out that everyone had taken a sleep in today.

Tyler and Jessica were a total no show. We figured they had got up and made their way out early. This turned out to be false they actually slept until lunch time. Eventually enough of our group came downstairs and were ready to go out. It took a long time to get everyone organised and we didn’t leave the hotel until around 11am.

We had a group of around 15 people. We did as the night before and bought ten pass train tickets for which we got paid back by Top Deck. We navigated our way to Casa Batllo. This is a home built by Antiono Gaudi. A famous architect. This was an amazing home espeically for when it was built. There is nearly no straight lines in the entire home. You can lookup more info on google if you wish.

After visiting Casa Batlo we caught the subway to port of Barcelona. It is kind of like around the rocks in Sydney. We had lunch at a seafood restraunt by the boardwalk. The food was great and so was the Sangrea. Callan a new person on the tour caught up with us after missing his walking tour.

After Lunch we walked around the harbour to the Christopher Columbus Monument. It was only four euro to go up to the viewing deck so we went up for a look. Just before we went up Arron had Rhian take a photo with his camera. The photo was good but in the handing back of the camera between Rhian, Cathi and Aaron the camera got dropped. Nothing cracked but the display will not turn on now.

The view from the top was great. You could see the whole city from up there. It was very small area around the lift shalf. So after getting a few photos we came down again.

While the girls went off for a toilet stop Aaron, Callan and myself sat down at a cafe for food and drink. I had a stein of beer. After our rest stop we looked at some artists in the mall that were doing portraits of people. Some were good some were very bad.

We caught the train again back to the hotel. We got off a stop early or came out the wrong exit. The girls went straight into a clothes shop. After giving up waiting Aaron myself and Amy started heading back to the hotel.

We organised on our facebook group to meet for dinner at 8pm in the lobby. Once we all arrived we walked down the road to a Tapas restruant called Taller Tapas. We all had plenty of food and I had a couple more stiens of beer. All came to around 50 euro so not too bad for what we got.

Rhian and I left a little early to go back to the hotel and sort some things out before the bus day tomorrow.



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