Barcelona to Nice – Day 8


Currently at a laundry mat in Nice as we are runnng out of clothes. Yesterday we had to get up early at 6 am start. We went to breakfast which wasn’t open so we waited with some other people. At 7am it opened, after we went back to our room and packed our stuff and hoped on the bus. We departed by 8am.

Long bus day. Rhain slept most of it as she wasn’t feeling well. Everyone on our bus is having a cold either a sore throat and cough. I have managed not to catch it yet. Touch wood!

Once we arrived to Nice we stopped off at Parfumerie Fragonard Rhain bought some. They showed us around and explained the process of making there purfume and soap. They explained the levels of concentration of the different types of bottles. If you have a glass bottle it only lasts 1 year and if you have a metal bottle it lasts up to 7 years., either by colour, smell.

It was a short bus ride to our hotel “Hotel De Berne” in Nice’s city centre. Great location, close to the shops and a short walk to the beach. Our hotel is a shoe box I can only fit in the shower and I still bump into the taps, we have to shuffel to get int the bed, our bags are on the dresser.

Went to dinner dinner at Le Ligure Resturant, entree was sitting at our tables when we arrived. It was cured meat and tuna salad, For main we had organised previously on the bus and Kristi phoned a head our order. I had veal and Rhian had the fish. It was served with carrots and fried potato. After dinner we went to a place called “King’s Pub” we all got drinks. Since were a big group we all got a free shot. It was a caramel flavor, Rhian didn’t have hers so we gave it to Kelvin. The place was a bit pricey (8.50 euros a small beer) so we only had one drink, then left to go back to the hotel.



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