Nice and Monaco – Day 9


Today started with a sleep in until 7am. Breakfast was not until 8am. Breakfast was little more than cereal, bread or a croissant. This is called a buffet. anyhow after breakfast Rhian and I took our washing to the laundry behind the hotel. After working out how the system worked we quickly ot two loads of washing underway which only took twenty minutes. After the wash four turns in the dryer at one euro each and we were in and out of the laundry in an hour.

After dropping the clean washing back to our room it was off to the main strip of Nice wherre Rhian dragged me into every womens clothes shop. After spending more than an hour in a single H&M store waiting for her I was fed up and pissed off. I had not come half way around the world just to follow Rhian clothes shopping. After me cracking the shits and Rhian cracking the shits at my lack of enthesium for clothes shopping we walked down the main strip to the beach boardwalk.

We found a kiosk to buy three more fridge magnets to this leg of the tour by. Next we climbed to the top of the fort which is perched on top of the hill over looking Nice. We got some great photos from this vantage point. Time was short so we did not spend a long tme admiring the view. We proceeded back down the stairs to the markets. Turned out we were a little too late for the markets as most were packing up and the many restraunts were taking over the same area.

WE stopped for lunch at a small restraunt. I had a nice onion soup and we both had steak, The meat was very good. An old french couple came sat next to us and when we were ready to leave they started to talk to us. They were French but now lived in America. They had returned for a visit. They were lovely and interested in where we had come from, visited and where we were heading too. I am glad we got to meet them.

Once lunch was finished Rhian wanted to do more shopping so I took the key and headed back to the hotel. Tried to rest before going to Monaco but couldn’t. We had to be ready for the bus to Monaco by 5:15pm. Was a little bit of a rush because we have not been able to withdraw cash using our travel cards.

We stopped on the way for a quick photo oppertunity on top of a cliff. After our photo stop we proceeded down the hill to Monaco where our tour guide played another trick on us. She told us we all needed our passports for border control. As we neared Monaco she told us to all hold our passports open to the photo page agaist the window because it would be scanned as we drove past. The whole bus did this. We were had. The concrete walls of the road are not border protection as we were all had again.

Our first stop in Monaco was for the Princes Palace. We got to see the guard pacing forwards and backwards at the front door with his gun equipped with bayonett. After being told about another statute it was time for another photo oppertunity overlooking Monaco. From this point you could look down on the final corner of the formula 1 track. The pit entrance as well as the La Rascasse. Next we went back down to the car park where the bus was. This carpark below the palace cost $160 euro per hour for the bus to park at.

We then took a short trip to a car park near turn eight of the f1 circut Portier which costs $140 euro per hour for the bus to park in. From this point we had a couple hours free time to get dinner and explore Monaco. A group of us went to an Itlalian restraunt called Tip Top located along the straight after turn 4 (Casino) just after the bump in the road. This restraunt cost us just under $50 euro so was not too expensive and the food was good.

After dinner we quickly explored the Grand Casino of Monaco. Was little disappointed that the game floor was so small. However it was still a casino and the house always win. I didn’t make a bet. I don’t gamble. The room was very extravigant. Would have been great to take some photos but your not allowed to pull a phone or camera out. Google it. I am sure there are pictures online.

Next we went to the Sun Casino. This had a bigger game floor and the minimum bet was lower. Some of the tour group had a bet here. Some won some lost. No one declared bankruptcy though.

At 10pm we all got back on the bus and departed Monaco for Nice again. My only regret was we did not have time to walk the F1 circut. That is all I really wanted to do in Monaco. I got to see some of the famous roads but I can not really tick it off my bucket list.

Upon arrival back in Nice everyone filed into the hotel and passed out. I know I was exhausted. Until tomorrow when we head for the Swiss Alps Bye Bye.



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