Nice to Engleberg – Day 10


The day started with another 6 am wake up from our alarm. I think everyone was keen to get out of our small hotel. Breakfast today was again very basic. Croissant, ham (if you were quick) cheese and cereal.

8am and the bus departed for the long drive to Engleberg. We passed through Italy on the way to Switzerland. Lunch was at a very fancy truck stop. Felt like you were in the duty free area of the airport. The prices were a little pricey but Rhain and I managed to not spend too much.

The scenery and country side of Switzerland is beautiful. We passed through a 17km tunnel. Count how many lights are on the wall. Hint they are in groups of three. This tunnel is the longest tunnel in Switzerland.

We arrived at the Hotel around 5pm. We dropped our bags in the room and a group of us went for a walk around the town of Engleberg. We had two hours to kill before dinner so we were in no rush. Most of the stores were shut with only a handful remaining open. The whole city of Engleberg is beautiful. There are natural fountains around the town that continusily flows fresh water from the streams flowing through the town. The water is crystal clear as it is melted ice from the mountains surrounding the town.

Arron, Rhian and I visited a couple of patisseries which had some interesting fatty products. We proceeded back to the hotel to meet the others for dinner. Dinner was Bratwurst saussage, potatos and salad. After dinner we hung around the dining room and the lobby of the hotel drinking a few beers with our other tour buddies.

Au Revior



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