Ferry to Venice – Day 18

Morning on the ferry from hell. Woke up at around 730 ~ 8am. The room was steaming hot and there was no window to open or air conditioning to adjust. After going downstairs to use the toilet I came back to the room to have a quick shower. Only to realise they do not supply any soap or anything else. I did have a towel though. So I had a quick shower to rinse myself off then got dressed and went down stairs.

Eventually we were allowed into the breakfast room. However our group was not to have the breakfast the rest of the ship got. We were handed prepared rashions. An egg Croissant and maybe a biskit. Was not even allowed a hot chocolate. Tea or coffee only. No milk. I ate my Croissant. Rhian had not shown until after our breakfast time was over. But Cathi saved her and Lucy a plate each to have. Rhian only had a bun, It was soo bad she didn’t eat much. Since we had a crap breakfast, a few went to get a proper coffee she got ripped off and paid 18 euro as the guy said that she gave him a $5 instead of a $20 even others witnessed it and they contested it but still wouldn’t repay her the money. Ripped off and RUDE!!

I bought a drink at one of the bars. A Mars chocolate drink, three euro for a fun size sip of milk. You can buy beer by the gallon in europe but milk or iced coffee is a rare commodity. The rest of the day was spent walking around bored shitless and sleeping. Rhian and I did have lunch together. We had to buy it but it was ok. We had spaghetti bolognese. Was actually good and also had chocolate mousse for dessert.

Finally while sleeping the announcement was given to get out of the room as we were arriving in port. Didn’t have to tell us twice. Apparently some of the people in our group had been told to get out of their rooms earlier.

Getting off the boat was the best part of the trip so far. Could not be more happy to be off that bloody ferry. You won’t get me doing any form of a boat cruise for a very long time. The bus still had about 400kms to travel to reach Venice. We stopped for dinner at an Autogrill about half way to Venice. Everyone was happy for the food at this service stop.

The bus arrived in Venice at around 11pm. Everyone checked inn and went straight to bed.

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