Venice to Ljubljana – Day 20

Today we had a later start as our drive day was only going to be a few hours. The drive from Venice to the Postojna Caves was only about two hours. This stop was an optional extra but everyone on the tour did it. The cost was only $22 Euros. We had about half an hour to wait before the next tour so mosty got something to eat or drink at the food stall. Once we were given our tickets we lined up and went through the gate then proceeded through to an underground train station. We caught an adult size kiddy train that took us 2km into the cave. We then got of at a station within the caves. There were actually two trains and we were on the first. We waited at a muster point for the second to arrive before the tour began.

The tour guide spoke good english and lead us around the caves on 1.5km walking tour. The entire cave network was wheelchair friendly. However the train we came in on was not. Seemed like a small oversight in the claim. The caves were be large and very pretty. You were not allowed to take photos so I didn’t take any. The caves have a small animal that lives in the caves which named translates to human fish. It is called this because it is colourless. It is also very sensitive to light. The caves are a constant 8 degrees year around. After completing the walking tour we caught the train back out of the caves and then had around 45 minutes for lunch.

After the caves we got back on the bus and travelled for around to more hours until we reached Ljubljana. We arrived early at around 3:30pm. After checking into the hotel we had around an hour before meeting in the lobby for our walking tour of Ljubljana lead by Kristy our tour guide. The walking tour was only about 30 minutes as there is not a lot to see in Ljubljana. We were shown the main sites then had free time until dinner. I was left with Rhian and a group of the girls who then just wanted to do shopping. They spent over an hour in another H&M store. They all love this place. I sat outside in the cold people watching. Lots of pretty girls in this town.

Before dinner we went back to the hotel briefly before walking back into town for dinner. Dinner was at a traditional styled restraunt in town. I had a mixed meat plate but did not have the horse. One or two people in the group had horse meat which is a speciality in this part of the world. After dinner I was feeling a bit ill. It was first real food I had had in over 48 hours. Rhian and I left money and went back to the hotel and to bed.

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