Prague – Day 25

Today was a free day to do as we wished in Prague. We had no planned activities today so both Rhian and I took the opportunity to sleep in. We woke at around 9am and organised ourselves to go downstairs for breakfast. After breakfast and a little more stuffing around we left the hotel to catch the tram into the city with our normal group of tour buddies.

We began the day by retracing our walking tour from the night before. Only difference was this time it was at our pace and it was daylight. We stopped for lunch as a group near a big church. It is in the old part of the ‘old town square’ by this big astronomical clock. Kristy told us to look at what the clock does at the top of the hour. The clock has a few moving statues that “do something”. We could not decicipher what it meant. She told us on the bus but we don’t remember the meaning.

After lunch we continued walking the path we had travelled the night before until we reached the river. We crossed the bridge and found ourselves at the Parliment Gardens. From here we lost a couple people from our group who continued on too explore the castle on top of the hill. The rest of us headed back towards the river for some more photos with the geese.

After our photo stop we walked back over another bridge from the opposite direction we had visited it the night before. We were looking for a rooftop terrace Krizti told us about. We found it and went up top for a look. At the top we had to split into two groups because they could not fit all nine of us on one table. I had an iced coffee and a slice of cake while Rhian had a coffee and a Creme Brulee.

Once leaving the rooftop terrace bar/cafe the other boys departed back for the hotel while I hung back with the girls while they did the typical shopping and visit to H&M stores. Around 5pm we all got on the tram and headed back for the hotel. Once arriving Rhian and I both stayed downstairs making use of the WiFi and I eventually made my way to the bar for a couple drinks before dinner.

A large group of us meet in the lobby around 7pm to walk down the road for dinner at a restaurant called Mood. The place was pretty much empty until we arrived so the manager was happy to accomodate us all. I had pork belly and it was great, could have had it again. After dinner we walked back to the hotel and went straight to the bar to try and get rid of the rest of the Czeck money. After a few more beers I retired back to the room. We left the country with around $200 which is now useless. Work out to less than $10 euros rougly.




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