Dublin to Newry – Day 33

Today we had the chance for a propper sleep in. We woke up around 10am and went downstairs for breakfast. As usual Rhian was dragging her feet so I went down first. The food was awesome. Could eat there everyday and come home looking like dumbo. We checked out at 11:30 and went across the road to catch the tram to the train station. Rhian bought tickets from the machine and I minded the bags. The tram we were told to catch didn’t actually run on Sundays so we caught another one which pretty much goes to the same place. We only had to walk 300m to the station.

Once at the train station I was able to use the ticket maching to print out our tickets. I just had to enter the reservation number I got when purchasing them online. Was pretty cool. We waited in the waiting room for about half an hour for the train to board. We did have pre-booked seats but it doesn’t matter. People just sit where ever. Because we had suitecases we just needed to find somewhere close to our bags. Being a Sunday afternoon the train was not packed but it was about 80% full. Probably people going home after the weekend or something. The train does have free WiFi so that kept us both entertained.

When we arrived in Newry we walked the 2.2lkms to the hotel. I looked on Google but it didn’t tell me any bus route to our hotel. After checking inn we went to the cafe next door to meet Rhians friend. They brought their kids along which entertained Rhian. The girls talked for an hour and a half got bored and her friend went home. Rhian and I went back to the hotel bar and I began drinking. Around 8pm we left the bar looking for dinner. We found a restraunt just up the road and ordered tapas for dinner. Was good and we both left full. After dinner we returned to the hotel and went to bed.


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