Alantis – Day 42

Today was going to be a fun day. Today we were going to the water park and aquarium at Alantis. It is a huge hotel at the top of the original Palm Island. The alarms were set for 7:30 but because Rhian had us up until 2am watching a movie she didn’t get out of bed until almost 9am. We quickly got organised and went down stairs and had breakfast. After breakfast we went across the road to the mall to take care of a couple of things. Rhian needed some shorts for the water park and I needed to top up the data on the tablet. Rhians phone ate a big chunk out of it last night.

After waiting for more than 20 minutes at the phone store I purchased the extra data to last the rest of our stay and then went looking for Rhian. She had not bought anything yet just looked. She ended up buying a new bikini and some shorts. Turned out later this wasn’t really needed but oh well. We thought you had to be more covered up over here but you will read this was wrong.

We came back to the hotel and finished getting organised to go to Alantis. We caught a taxi outside our hotel to Alantis. Only took 20 minutes to get there. After getting our wristbands and hiring a locker, we entered the park. The lockers were inside the change rooms. Because we thought Rhian would want stuff more often Rhian put the bags in the girls change rooms and we had to take turns getting changed. Fair to say I spent time waiting for Rhian, her excuse was that the lockers, you had to get them through a touch screen and a barcode scan with a timer on it. As everyone uses them constantly so it was not easy to do.

Finally when ready we went searching for a chair to leave our towels on. We only found one but this was fine didn’t plan spending time laying on a chair anyways. Up until lunch time Rhian and I spent the day riding the rides in tandam. There were single tubes or doubles and so we had the doubles. Rhian got scared at a lot of the rides but didn’t yell she hates me like the roller coaster at Ferrari World. Maybe because the slides were dark and you couldn’t see where you were going. The park has a network of canals that you can float around the whole park to get to different places. It also has conveyor belt type ramps which take you up and over to different levels. These also take you up the towers in some cases so you don’t have to get out of the water and walk. It is verry cool. They have different rides that are rappids. A wave pool type section, a torrent that washes you down very fast, it was pretty cool.

One of the first rides we went down was a tube ride that takes you through the middle of the shark pool. You can see the fish and baby sharks as you float through. Soon enough it was about 1430 and Rhian was getting peckish. We got out of the pools and walked over to the over side of the park and had lunch at a restraunt. The food wasn’t too bad and was not too expensive either. After lunch Rhian went back to the chair to relax and I stayed over the far side to go on the rides at the second tower.

There were four lanes and I didn’t really know what any were. The first I went on was a big donut that about eight people sit in. It slides down and you plundge a steep drop and drift up a two story wall on the other side. This ride was fun. I got put in with five big boobed girls. The second was a speed slide through a tube. You raced the person in the other tube down for the fastest time. I got 27.43 seconds the other person got 27 seconds. I then went on the next channel that took you to the very top of the tower. Your at about 6 stories high. When I got there I realised what I was in for. You get in the slide and stand upright on a clear floor. The guy presses the button and you drop four stories straight down before the slide bends and throws you around. I had to take my t-shirt off and hold it across my chest and cross my left. This is the fastest and scariest ride. You feel like you are falling for ever. The fourth channel is like the first. It is a big donut that you sit in with others and slide down. However this one was all men in it and you just rock side to side up the different sides of the slide. After doing them all I went back to find Rhian. I told her about each of the rides and pretty much talked her out of coming over the other side.

Rhian and I got back in the canals and went down the rappids again. We then went back to the start and took a different path that took us to a wave pool type canal. You float down the canal but waves come along and push you around. Rhian liked this one because it was so boring. Next Rhian and I went back to the slide that takes you through the shark pool. We did this indvidually but then did it again as a couple. Rhian liked this ride too. Even though it throws you around in the dark before you get to the shark pool.

I only had one ride I had not done and that was the Leap of Faith. You are at the top of the tower and you drop very fast down and wizz through the shark pool. At the top you can not see the slide just a cliff. Rhian was at the bottom to watch me fall to my death. My turn came up and I didn’t think it would be as scary as the dropping through the floor. I layed on the top then let go. You fall but this time you know your falling. It was fast and I wizzed through the shark pool not even knowing it. I got spat out the other side into the pool flying across the water. The ride is over in a matter of seconds. I still think the other one was scarier but I did clentch all the way down.

By this time it was late afternoon and we decided to call it a day. Was a great day of perving. The rules over here do not seem to apply to the water park. It was a festival of tits and ass. It should be called Titlantis. However saying that there is a mix of the good the bad and the outright ugly. I had the worlds faster shower in the change rooms as I had no where to put my bag apart from outside the door of the shower. All up I wasn’t more than a few minutes in the change room before handing the bag over to Rhian. By the time she came out it was almost dark.

We bought the fridge magnets but they are not that good. Got a milkshake at the burger joint then went into the aquarium. There are a number of small tanks that had Lobsters, Seahorses, Jelly fish. Rhian saw a Nemo, Blowfish. It had a couple of huge massive fish. They were enormus and in a pretty small cage. Eventually you reach the main aquarium which must be minimum 15 meters deep, if not more. It was a huge tank and has coushions so you can sit and watch the tank. I spent a while doing this. We got to the end of the aquarium and Rhian wanted to go again. I told her I would meet her back at the main tank. I called mum and dad on skype and showed them what I was looking at for twenty minutes. They even got to watch the divers feed the sting rays.

After the aquarium we left the hotel and got put into an unmarked taxi. We were told not to use these ones but it seemed like a hotel staffer that ushered us into it. Cost us $10 AED than the ride there. We dropped our bags and had dinner downstairs at the pub. After dinner we came back to the room and watched a movie until midnight.




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