Hong Kong day 1 – we have landed

We have landed in Hong Kong!

We had no delays landing in Hong Kong. Collecting our bags and passing through immigration was a breeze. We spent the next hour and a half walking around the airport looking for a local Sim card. We eventually just picked one up at the Seven Eleven in the arrivals hall. Once sorting out the Sim card we tried to find the best way to the hotel. In the end we just caught a taxi.

I showed Rhian the Hong Kong port. There were shipping containers as far as the eye could see, size of the ships we as big as Perth CBD. We arrived at our hotel and the taxi driver got in trouble from the police for stopping outside the hotel. We checked in and upgraded our room. Rhian took pictures of the room. Once we settled in our room we went down to the bar downstairs and used up our free drink vouchers. The house sparkling wine was a hit with Rhian they had Hoegaarden on tap. We will be going there again. We stayed for a few drinks then went up a floor to the restaurant and had a 3 course meal. A bit pricey for Hong Kong, but we didn’t want to go far and it was still cheaper than home.

Then we went back to the hotel and went to bed. (Boring I know)

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