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Positive weekend

Positive weekend apart from I have not been on the bike since Thursday morning. I am hanging out for Tuesday morning.

I got myself a job working casually at riverbank estate winery and had my first shift today. Of course I was awesome & so they have hired me. I’ve discovered tonight they don’t work weeknights so I am going to have to still find another job but will gain experience here.

I enjoyed it today. I wouldn’t call it stressful apart from learning everything in one day. I need to learn their menu and something about wine. It will come.

So overall a good weekend.

Something positive

Well finally some bit of good news. Yesterday I slept in and missed my Saturday morning rides. However when I did eventually get up I applied for a job at Riverbank Estate. Within 30 minutes I got a phone call to come in for an interview.

I have my first shift at 1130am this morning. Hopefully this is the turning point in 2011. Because I want this year to go to hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!