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The Mobile Landscape

Our mobile phones are so apart of our lives in the western world. Very few people do not have a mobile phone or tablet these days. Some people virtually live and conduct there entire lives online. From communicating with friends to doing the shopping. Some people even check what they have in the fridge via an app on their phone.

The below infographic illustrates our use of mobile devices to run our lives in the modern day.

Mobile APPeal


Data funneled into the internet every minute

Saw this infographic in the past but got reminded about it last week. It illustrates how much data is illustrated and added to the internet by some of the main social networking sites on the internet. I know there are probably other sites you know of that are missing. I remember seeing one on just Strava last year. If you know of more link to them in the comments or email me and I will add them. One that I would like an estimate on is how much data is generated and saved to memory cards from digital cameras every minute. Almost impossible to measure but I am sure it would be massive.