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Challenge Complete

Not a lot to say apart from I did achieve what I set out to do and that was finish the C grade cycling race. I came home in 11th place. I also lead the first lap.

The average speed was not as fast as it had been in previous races however there was more surging. Also because of a gardener testing sprinklers the tight first turn was wet and I did wobble a couple times into the corner.

Next challenge is to not place in the top ten or higher.

Failure is not an option

Well it is almost time. Tomorrow is the 5th and final race and I have done all I can in preparation. Below are some of the stats I have built for this event.

  • I have completed 2,388.14 kms since the 20th Feb 2011
  • Spent 80 hours on the bike
  • Climbed 14,262 meters into the sky

All this effort for an event that will last no more than 35 minutes. Sounds easy. Wrong. If it was I would not have put in all this. So as has happened in the past. Getting lapped and dropping out is not an option. This time I AM GOING TO FINISH even if it kills me.

Event takes place at Broady Hall Drive, Technology Park Bently from 8am. Will write a post tomorrow telling how I went.

Prepared and ready to race

SPR & RCCC Criterium Series, Race 4, C Grade – 8/1/2011

More photos from Tony Lendrum Photography. I managed to complete the 30 minute timed section of the race with an average over 35kph.  I still technically did not finish but still did better than I expected. I just got home from doing an 80km ride to Hillarys and solo.  Sort of a recovery ride but chance to clear my head.  Some photos from yesterday below.
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