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Perth Storms February 2020

We have had a few storms through Perth this week. The worst was on Tuesday afternoon when lots of people were left without power and damaged property. Next is some small videos I took that afternoon.

This was taken just a few minutes before the storm hit.

This was taken during the downpour showing the rain flooding the courtyard in minutes

Jenson felt it was safer to hide in the Pantry

I took this shortly after the rain stopped. Whole thing only lasted five minutes

An hour later you would not have a clue about the amount of rain we had. Took until midnight to get the power back on.

This weekends ride routes

Due to the wet weather forecast I do not know how many people will turn up but I hoping that the rain holds off enough to get Saturday mornings ride done and dusted. Sunday is a route I want to do but the weather does not sound like it is going to be on our side. We will see. I hope to do at least one if not two write ups for this weekends rides.

Saturday route 10/7/2010

Sunday route 11/7/2010